Facilities Management

TFM are a leading provider of Facilities Management. Our team is highly skilled and services multiple commercial sites across the UK.

What is Facilities Management?

Facilities Management is often an invisible industry that works in the background to ensure buildings and services run safely and efficiently. It can include maintenance, upgrades, and management of systems. TFM provides a complete Facilities Management service for commercial clients, managing and maintaining office and retail environments throughout the UK.

Facilities Management: The Benefits

Facilities Management can help your business improve its efficiency by ensuring that your premises are properly managed. You also get a more productive working environment with advanced software and apps, compliance to all legislative requirements, and a reduced ecological footprint by properly managing your waste streams.

Our mission is to offer reliable, expert FM services to all our valued clients.

Facilities Management Services

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Why choose TFM?

Maintaining your building is essential. Your employees should feel safe and comfortable at work. Your business assets must be protected. Your business can spend as much as 30% on operating costs.

You will only have to make one phone call to resolve any issue when you choose a strong FM partner. You don’t need to manage multiple contractors for different services. One account manager is all you need to manage and they will make FM magic happen for your benefit.

The TFM team uses management software specifically designed for this purpose. This software ensures that the correct people are at the right place at right times with the right tools and parts. Although it sounds easy, this is difficult to do in practice without the right experience.